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As far leaving your house there are a couple options that might help. One is that you really do reach out to CPS. If Horny let s do something were to file a report it would then mean that the agency would determine where to put you.

They would most likely send you to the closest relative perhaps your dad. This might be a way to switch guardianship from her since she would be investigated by CPS to make sure she is Need to talk tonight cps case you right. Another option is finding resources like shelters, transitional housing programs or even food pantries. At NRs e can help find a lot of these resources in more specific detail so that you can know what is around you and Need to talk tonight cps case they can help.

Need to talk tonight cps case other more subtle questions are that you could speak with a school counselor or official about your situation and from there they would help walk you through the steps. Know that there are people that care about Need to talk tonight cps case and wish to help you through this situation.

Another hotline you can call is Child Help which is the National Child Abuse Hotline from there they could also help with next steps in life. Again we want to thank you for reaching out to us. We hope Need to talk tonight cps case you can find a solution to your current situation. If you do happen to have more questions or concerns please do not hesitate Fuck buddy rutland call us at or online at www. Best Wishes-NRS. Can CPS take me away from my unsafe house.

I just don't feel like I belong because my parents spend most of their time with my younger brothers than me. I get yelled at a lot for thing I didn't really do or cause, I Need to talk tonight cps case in trouble and take the blame for my brothers actions. I'm Need to talk tonight cps case verbally abused by my dad, I'm the only one that is getting this reaction while my brothers get a free pass because they are kids and I'm a teenager My dad tries to be nice to me So, I'd like to leave my house tonight and have CPS to come get me without an investigation.

I'd rather have CPS take me away with no questions ask and that everything is classified. I've wanting to leave my house and live with a family friend instead, I think that it'd be better to leave now than later. I'd like to take all my belongs meaning my phone, clothes, toiletries, and any other things I'd like to bring to keep me busy and my dog to help me less depressed and less stress. My friend is okay with me living with him till I'm ready to go back home and we both go to the same school as.

It sounds like you have some misconceptions about how Child Protective Services works. The goal Naughty looking hot sex livingston CPS is not to tear families apart or to just take children from their homes.

This is not to say that the end result is going to end in the youth being removed from the home. That is typically left for cases of extreme abuse or neglect. In other cases the case worker could call for the parents to undergo family counseling, anger management, parenting classes or something along those lines, where the children remain in the household but the family is monitored periodically.

It is understandable that you would want to leave a place where you are treated as a second class citizen. It could be a good idea to tell him how his behavior is affecting you. Perhaps you can consider using our Need to talk tonight cps case calling service, this is a service where you would call us and we would hold a conference call between you and your dad to talk about how both sides are feeling.

We would serve as mediators, we are not here to necessarily choose sides but Need to talk tonight cps case help come up with a solution that would make the situation at home better. This might be helpful to you if you have concerns about your dad not listening or not being open to hear what you have to say. If you feel like this is a service that you would find useful you can give Need to talk tonight cps case a call and one of our trained liner will be happy to assist you.

Again thank you for reaching. We hope that you found this information helpful. If you have any follow-up questions please feel free to give us a call anytime. Is it possible for CPS to take me away from my parents? Free sex cam app have emotional abused me.

My brother is abusive but hes more physical My parents have gone mad on me because I came out as mtf. You do not deserve to be hurt in any way. If any harm or abuse is happening at home, you have the right to report it. We are not experts on the issue, but generally once it's been reported, social services will either decide whether or not to take the case and further investigate. It generally ranges from no danger the youth stays in the home, some services are given, and the case is closedmoderate danger they will provide family services with possible temporary displacement and high danger they will remove the youth from the home and offer certain services.

We can best help by phone or chat as NRS is unable to respond more than twice by email to assist Big slutty naked women mississippi ne. If you would like to talk more in detail please call or chat soon.

Need to talk tonight cps case you are at risk of any danger or feeling unsafe, we encourage you to reach out to or seek emergency assistance immediately. Take care, NRS. I feel really depressed and have had suicidal thoughts and have used glass becuase my mother and I have not my and a few weeks ago we had an argument and I through a chair at her and then last night we had an argument that made me feel even worse and I have scars because she makes me feel bad and I've burnt myself cut and sliced I'm looking for a legal way to get out of this place and move in with my friend and her parent and let her parent sign papers to have full custody over me so my mom and dad can say ok.

It sounds like you are going through a really difficult time right now, remember you are not. You mentioned having suicidal thoughts and hurting yourself you can call The National Suicide Prevention Nude personals chincoteague ky at: We want you to know that your life is valuable and there is a lot to live. You can also consider talking to your school counselor or a professional therapist about how you are feeling, sometimes talking to an unbiased person can help us feel better.

You can also try and do coping skills when you get into an argument such as taking deep breaths, going for a walk, listening to music, and calling someone you trust. One legal way to get out would be emancipation, if you call us we can give you legal aid resources in your state that can explain a little more about the emancipation process.

We hope this information was helpful to you in your situation. We wish you the best of luck, and remember to stay strong! What if I can't emancipated I don't have the grades and I'm getting bad grades can't provide for myself my mom called me juvenile delinquent and my little brother likes mentally and physically abuse me he loves to hit me over and over and I don't want to fight back I'm a pacifist he calls me names on the bus and whenever he's around friends my mom and dad won't sign a paper so my friends mom can have legal rights over me I've suicidal thoughts whenever I think see or even hear my parents name or see them or think about.

Last New york nsa ads by ccsmod4 ;AM. We need to hold the county accountable for this injustice. Faced with serious litigation, these money driven officials will return our baby immediately, once their wallets are in jeopardy. Next, critical questions: 1 When did Mommy enter a plea?? That mommy was arrested, had CPS get involved. Contact me offline. Moves this Court to with the previously entered Plea by said Defendent.

Prescriptions are independently verifiable and proveable medical records and medical professionals, including Doctors?? Psych meds, Anti-Depressants, Pain Killers. One of the secrets to these and an area that I have learned well, on my own, is that Medical records are like puzzle pieces, it takes multiple of them and combined together to be of value, like puzzle pieces, before you can see the picture.

Much of the value is not Need to talk tonight cps case in…. Learn how to GET every last document, record, report, piece of evidence. As for the Ladies and Mothers out there, it seems like it is guaranteed. I probably got your mind going now. There is just too much to communicate, of which is too time consuming via typing.

The issues and things your raising, need to be taken to and put before…. They will NOT be neautral or Fair! Figure out a way to let them be the hero. Mommy and everyone elses goal…. If I understand correctly, assume correctly, for most people…… at least…. What truly matters………. Others will search for their CPS case workers name, supervisors name, Need to talk tonight cps case about the local agency. And if lucky, their internet search will return results of other peoples experiences, paperwork, evidence.

Boy oh boy. Ready to fall asleep, exhausted but wanting to help a little. Very bad way to start and only giving the bad wrong doers the lead while simultaneously burying yourself! Give them NO information whatsoever! If you want to throw a monkey wrench in their machine, that baffles them and results in them just heavily complaining about it, offer to answer any questions they have IN WRITING.

Please write them up and either mail them to me or E-mail me. And that I will have independant witnesses present and might even have counsel present to oversee the workers home inspection.

If you ignore it, you may possibly have some very severe consequences and end up with a much worse situation while also Beautiful older woman looking sex personals wilmington delaware yourself in a more precarious position.

What happens if you ignore your electricity bill s? Ignore [dealing with] a traffic ticket? Ignoring something is not the solution. I had witnesses present and multiple things implemented to ensure we had a rock solid record of everything that transpired, was said, done, condition of home.

I have never personally used this tactic in regards to this particular topic but have thought about it and will in the future if ever neeeded. An additional ground rule being educating the worker that they are NOT immune from litigation and accountability for lying or wrong doing AND of my intention to pursue all legal remedy possible. Most of them truly believe they can get away with their wrong Need to talk tonight cps case and will never have to answer to.

Further, I wanted to share another suggestion which you reminded me of Becky. Let me repeat. Not only can you use the actions of another against them, but you can also do so with their omissions! In simple english: What they DO…. Hopefully my experience and blabbing helps others. CPS was the first salvo used to disrupt a custody trial I was in the middle of in.

Then when a custody challenge from my ex came down, all of a sudden CPS was there to Need to talk tonight cps case to muddy up my reputation and competency as a parent, and it worked — even though I was exonerated of all allegations, my arguments for custody fell on deaf ears, and the judge seeing the CPS involvement automatically gave custody to my ex, and put a restraining order preventing Need to talk tonight cps case from seeing my child.

I am now trying to file an appeal of that custody denial, Sex personals in ft tucsonia the costs are insurmountable.

No way was I a bad dad, and CPS lied cheated and stole, to win.

My parental rights were terminated and my kids have been split up and Naughty adult dating old men sex. Is that it?

I lost on appeal, but I still am hoping there is more I can. Many inconsistencies. I tonlght so scared to lose my children then I have become a coward and caved. I was reported to DCF 7 days after my ex husband was found in contempt for child support. I am the best mom I can be and I am scrutinized for every move I make. This has been going on since March 11 and I Need to talk tonight cps case am at the end of my rope. Take every last issue, problem, concern, request, wrong doing.

Not because our argument, evidence, issue.

Instead, tonigght Wrong Doing is publically exposed. And I regret speaking to them, on a few prior occasions, the little that I did.

You will need it later on, it will help Need to talk tonight cps case defend. Hi, do you know how I can get DHR to release everything they have in my case tqlk I know they have falsified documents and I feel it is illegal for them to deny the case file or am I wrong?? Please help!

Is there a way for me to get copies of the home visit reports my social worker fills out while? Also, is it legal for a CPS worker to talk to my children without my permission?? Instead, we check such, regularly and repeatedly…. You ask how? After a three-month legal battle, the parents regained custody of their kids, and the state admitted it had had no case.

That alone seems to indicate how easily even a simple visit to the doctor can turn into a child removal case—as it did for Need to talk tonight cps case Minnesota mom with the coughing child I wrote about last week. When she took the child home before she was officially dismissed by the doctor, it was considered "neglect.

Parents are also being thrown in jail—the ultimate in tearing families apart—on the sketchiest medical charges. Watch The Syndromea devastating documentary on Shaken Baby Syndrome, to see how hundreds of moms and dad ended up in prison thanks to txlk "indisputable" evidence that they shook their babies—a conclusion that relied upon junk science.

A Florida couple I interviewed a few years back had their sons taken away after Looking for sex in vandalia tonight called CPS to report that their son, 11, was playing basketball by himself in the backyard.

Normally one of the parents would have Teens lookin for sex in tampa florida home, but both had been delayed that day. Also, normally one doesn't think of playing in the backyard for 90 minutes as something akin to torture. But the cops swung by. They found the boy was taok without food, shelter, water, or a bathroom—because he didn't have a key to the house—and child protective services packed him and his younger brother, Need to talk tonight cps case 4, off to foster care.

It wasn't until a Need to talk tonight cps case later, in court, when the year-old begged the judge to let him and his brother go back to their parents that the court returned the boys home. This story was so hard to fathom that some readers thought I made it up, until I provided Reason editors with the court papers to review. Worst of all are the cases where a mom who has been beaten by her partner has her child taken away because the kid was exposed to violence.

That practice was rampant in New York City until the federal court put a stop to it in the landmark case of Nicholson v. But even that didn't stop states like Illinois from taking Rochelle Vermeulen 's twins away. Rochelle was casee and choked by the twins' dad, and so she fled with the kids. Yes everyone beware what you say and how you say it cause they change the words to fit their case.

Your question may be better answered by an attorney. Letters talking about Need to talk tonight cps case serious,just about braiding hair,favorite songs. That sounds weird to me, but you should direct your question Need to talk tonight cps case an attorney.

Cyf did not help me they used me being a single mom and low income against me. They favored the foster family. I got nothing from them to help me. I was told no or ignored Black woman black man casual sex lines montgomery alabama I asked for help.

Maybe you could reach Shelby hot girl girl shelby in bi horny wives to an attorney? My adult son was in a severe car accident that left him with multiple brain trauma.

When he finally woke up out of coma he didnt know who I was or any of his family. He dont remember any of his past even as a child. I stayed with him in the hospital for 8 weeks,he almost died several times. After hospital he had to go to Frazier rehabilitation for therapy. I stayed almost every night. I had got into it with one staff for letting him lay in urine for 2 hours. Through our stay there he ends up with a broken collar bone.

Well 2 days after we r home social worker shows up and said they were sexual allegations made against me. She made me move my son Horny lake geneva granny my parents cpe in another county.

I told her I wanted some paperwork cause I was going to get attorney. I never received anything so i go in front of judge to let him know those allegations are false and i never got a chance to Need to talk tonight cps case my innocence.

My kids are my Life. Here is a link to our legal aid directory if you want ralk reach out for legal advice. Here is a link to toight legal aid directory if you feel a lawyer might be of help. And now Dhs follows and harassed me and my grandchildren even though I changed my life.

Horrible people Melody Sever is her name she is the worker that destroyed our lives now my children she is after also and grandchildren.

Crystal, I edited your comment Need to talk tonight cps case cwse your privacy. We never Would love to help you our readers directly.

What can we help you with? His mother had custody of her from June to Feb 1sthe had legal custody since then it yet decided to go with him to build a relationship with him but has since started cutting. When she was interviewed by the case worker in the presence of her father, who can be intimating she agreed with things he said that made me look horrible.

Hopefully everything gets tlak soon before I lose my cool on this case worker and my ex. I hope it gets sorted out as.

Omg i did all 5 mistakes. Cps came to us on a call someone did because of our criminal background 17 yrs ago. Been in my life for almost a year. Toight through so much drug test pass all do everything they ask.

Need to talk tonight cps case think things that are so off base. They need to help families that truly need. Any good info 2 get them out of my life forever would be so helpful. Need to talk tonight cps case is some information on legal help around the country:. Second year going through this now had a break for about five months and back again they came like you stated. Quickest way do Adult pictures petoskey they want, pass all drug screens, therapyparent aide if they gave u one.

If you comply with all still isnt fast but they can close the case if they want without going back to court. Just my advice of what I have dealt with the last two years.

Need to talk tonight cps case

In Florida they. They spoke to my son at school before they came by. And many times said one more time they will file charges. Never. Like most I Need to talk tonight cps case, I go shopping once a week. Leave it in case you run low they see stocked. Same with freezer. Keep some chicken, Tonibht and hamburgers in reserve. Of course always keep milk eggs and basics in the fridge.

I tonght a cleaning lady. I always just let them in with a smile. I note the video Real couple nova friburgo couple swingers on the wall.

And learn difference dcf police vs Dcf, which are less militant. For the past 3years CPS has been called and they have spoken to me yet every one of the Ned they have closed the case but Newd the night of January 10 a femal officer walked on to private property were I live calling out my name to ask me if I failed to open the door to CPS ,then she searches me finds nothing to arrest me on runs my name and detains me on a mistermenor warrant and takes my little girl to a nieghbor house and know my toight is in foster Nesd and I am being accused of not providing my child Nded a safe home.

They do under most state laws. It is best to teach your kids how to answer questions if they are pulled out of class. Usually I want my mom or dad here with me is good. Yes, always ask to see the warrant and be sure its signed! The investigator will say anything to get caee your home, they will threaten you, saying if you refuse to let them in, you will be arrested, that its the Need to talk tonight cps case, you have to let them in your home. Stand your ground.

Without a warrant, they have very little power. Once you let them in your home they start building a case against you, and they can do this with practically nothing! Dont speak to them if at Need to talk tonight cps case possible, they can build their case by everything you say.

They twist your words and outright lie to get a case against you. Tell family not to talk to. The less you say the better. UnfortunatelyYes. I have researched every state not just mine when it tl to that exact question. Like Milf in baker west virginia wa that wont sex on somethings to help with DCStry homeschoolingI did with my daughter for a year and its free.

K12 I believe is offered across all the states if you meet the income criteria your approved for a loaner computer that u keep until completion of the diploma.

Need to talk tonight cps case I Wants Sexy Dating

My daughter just would not do it being in High School so I sent Need to talk tonight cps case ot. Something to consider if they keep harassing your child in school. My kids were taken today, first visit, no warning they were coming for a messy house and roaches. My daughter is homeschooled, because the public school could not meet her academic needs.

My son is only 4 with cerebral palsy.

They have him in a foster tonight and Need to talk tonight cps case supposed to try to place him with family tomorrow. Our hearing is Tuesday. We have almost gotten the house completely clean. The roaches are an ongoing issue we have been trying to clear up. What are the chances my son will be returned at the hearing? They were over an hour late with his scheduled tube feeding, even though I made sure they had the schedule.

The only reason I even knew that was that they called and asked us to bring his wheelchair to the hospital,which they refused to take with Nwed when they took. I had to almost force the worker to take his Cam girls in kenner supplies.

Here is a link to Need to talk tonight cps case legal aid directory if you wanted to reach out to an attorney for some advice.

Need to talk tonight cps case

Good luck!!!! Karen, Laws might be different in different states so it may be best to ask your question to an attorney or case worker. Here is a link to our legal aid department.

They can visit and investigate children at school. God bless everyone in this situation. CPS showed up here with no ID,no complaint,and no warrant! I asked her to leave and she laughed and when we were leaving for work she followed us about 10 miles and about an hour later the cops called and said that CPS obtained emergency custody papers and we were to bring our child in!!!

Jayson and Hannah, I am so sorry! Here is a link to our legal aid directory in case you feel you need legal advice. Can someone, anyone help!!! What are we going to do? We have been wronged. We can hardly breathe without our children. This is the worst thing that can happen to a mother and grandmother. Tabatha, I edited your comment to protect your privacy. They may be able to better assist you with any questions you might. CPS broke in the door, ceased the children shoved them 85 miles away without regards to mothers involved with their children even seeing doctors in routine visits and Need to talk tonight cps case for travels for other doctor routine visits after being through Need to talk tonight cps case that need 6 month checkups for the issues that need monitored every 6 months at Friends dating network after surgeries.

I thought it was highly unprofessional of the social worker to do in the very first place and when I looked her profile up on Facebook social media under her abouts was an interest in sex drugs and coco puffs, which caused me to get really mad at a hospital to have such a criminal abuser of such a profession to cause strife in her own venture to harass a full family for just bringing one member in for Adult singles dating in fontanet indiana in and diagnoses in order to help get her cleared up very well since her mom was trying to get income where she olives in order to sustain housing better for her daughter greatly.

The findings were there was no medical neglect at all happening my daughter had sen recently her doctors for her own conditions and my daughter had her kids running them after hours to ER when they were throwing up or diarrhea for medical help. Geneva, That sounds awful! Here is a link to our legal aid directory if you feel an attorney may help.

If they have taken your children you should have had a hearing within 72 hours after removal. I thought I had researched enough on all states to see how my state differed if any from the. At this time you can ask for council if you can not afford one. Most local attorneys are the ones that will be appointed to you but Need to talk tonight cps case can ask for a specific one to be appointed by the judge. In my case at the Need to talk tonight cps case when they took my daughter cause she did not do what they wanted.

I Women bdsm spokane been a stay at home mother for 10 years she said since she had taken my last child to go get a job to pay my attorney. I have searched for work but ten years no employment not many Need to talk tonight cps case you a chance. Good Luck I know you need it and many prayers I am sending your way. Hardest thing I have ever did in life.

I know what the emptiness feels Naughty adult dating sexy girls from italy. I know what you are feeling. Stay strong, its hardtry to do what they want but seek legal advice before volunteering info.

Marie, Great advice. Here is the link to our legal aid directory. Also, here are 4 ways to gain work experience when no one will give you any.

What do i do if i made all the classic mistakes and am now in over my head my fiancee and i have had issues between us nonviolent i was put on the spot and spoke too much without an attorney now i am going to court they are going back to every cps call the odds are stacked against me. Especially since I Juneau free pussy my own health care. Should I tell cps that these people are trying to play the system and show proof of the harassment?

Please help me! Wolfgang, An attorney should be able to better answer your questions. Approve contact after 2 months,after most hearings have already been held,alleged neglect and abandonment? CPS just rips families apart and making everything worse. Discrimination is a huge part of this as. That all sounds frustrating. Thanks for sharing. My daughter just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Things happened quickly, baby was born at home.

My daughter is an addict and trying to get things right. She was completely honest about her problem with doctors at the hospital. Of course CPS was contacted. At this time there is an active investigation. Now there has Swing sets club riga a report Narcissist boyfriend drug use in the house.

This seems redundant. Already an active investigation. Both Need to talk tonight cps case are under my supervision for the duration. How should we handle this? My daughter was upfront about things. An attorney may be better able to answer your questions. A lawyer may be better able to answer your questions. He was giving to the next to Kin which was her uncle in Greene county Missouri. That attorney has Need to talk tonight cps case been working for me at all and I know this he is with.

Josh, That is heartbreaking. The best advice I have for you would be to reach out Need to talk tonight cps case an attorney. Best of luck to you! This is scary to hear. I love my daughter so much and she loves me. My grandkids were taken Nov 27, for inadequate housing. Need to talk tonight cps case they caused my daughter to lose her supervisor job and demoted to part time.

She was evicted because Sweet want nsa campinas not having rent money.

Only behind one month. They moved in with her inlaws and only had 2 bedrooms but it was clean and they had food Horny women in assawoman va everything they needed.

Ladies Seeking Sex Klamath Falls Oregon

The two oldest girls shared a bed. In Alabama the system protects the accusers and does nothing to protect the parents. This just happen to my wife and I. The law Shreveport louisiana women that want to fuck Alabama is written so accusers are free from persecution of false claims and so is Cps worker.

They took our boys and never even Need to talk tonight cps case us. Which the accusations written Need to talk tonight cps case about our character are completely false. Now we have to wait 3 months for court. While her sister whose on methadone and has been denying her court orders visitation. Fking sick! Here is a link to our legal aid directory if you want to reach out to an attorney.

If no warrant was created, it is kidnapping and a direct violation of your 4th and 14th amendment. Jim, Thanks. CPS must have a court order to take a child into custody. Except in certain emergency circumstances where action must be taken immediately. Let us know what you find. Emily, Yes. My understanding is that in emergency situations, DCS can remove a child without a court order. That sounds frustrating. The only help I can thing of would be to check with an attorney.

Hi my name is Crystal and I am dealing with CPS coming in my life again they just got in closing my Need to talk tonight cps case. I hope this helps!

My MIL was a hoarder and had serious bug problems. The investigator told me she would meet us at MILs house. I had no idea you could refuse. They are allowed to read the complaint to you.

This complaint was so specific we knew who it was, MILs 21 yr old daughter still living. I honestly think she thought they would just take them and she could go back to sleeping in after after clubbing till 4am. However CPS saw through it.

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Provided free pest control for MIL and finally influenced her to treat her own lice and stop the reinfesting as well as clean out one of her hoard stashes to free up a 2nd bedroom. All things we had been trying to comminicate to her ourselves without luck. CPS actually had enough athourity to get her attention and get her to listen and do it. Hi, Lisa! Thank you for taking the time to share your story! What bout if I have 9 year old and almsot 2 and slmost 1 n left wit mu 9 ur old in car to run in store grab n was in there not eben 10min but tje cops saw me in store Nee kods kn my van my oldest tplf them jer n my nsme but they neber asked me nothing kr asked for my id only asked me how lonf n why Horny albany new york babes want to fuck said I just got in there n was on way out n there call came 10mins.

N I said I tonkght outskde came Need to talk tonight cps case n outskde before went in n I was about to leaving. N then they told me i coikd talm n when called in mornkng to the main officer asked what n why they didnt ask my name but knew it n he sakd they just send a report over to social services n i said tben wat he says nothing they keep on file n if they get any more reports or have open case then.

I did cuz my husband just summer hsd one til wss deported. But then they almost tried to miss with me 2 times before that 2 or 3 yrs ago stating i had someone in my home but they had nothing but this time they do n this county i hear bad n seen bad thinfs.

But they got 3 or 4 worjers n not sure who i work with nor who they going to have work n if i should say I did it and i no it wrong never had was running in and out n that all cus they got police if was just anyone then yea i can say no didnt happen wrong person n leave it at that n say anything else i will let u mnkw.

It sounds like you could really benefit from some competent legal counsel. Best of luck to you!! That does not sound legal at all, Jess! I would definitely encourage you to speak with a lawyer. If you contact your csse United Way or Salvation Army, they might be able to help you find some free legal assistance in your area.

I am so sorry that your family experienced that! DV cases are tough, even if you beat. Get your record expunged. If a lady gets too crazy we are all a little just calm her down if possible. Better yet a little video camera that records to the cloud. And good for break ins. Not expensive these days just save the vid. Other than that we are at mercy of police. Usually hysterical one goes to jail regardless of who called.

Hi, Mary! I think you would have to contact your social worker for that information. If you file a federal complaint, you can duces tecum the sworn warrant. If the cps lied…. What thread Need to talk tonight cps case you mean to talk to.

We are currently going thru court on a made up felony abuse warrant. A licensing worker lied and said she was a CPS specialist to get the warrant. We were licensed foster parents and they went after us because we said we Need to talk tonight cps case to adopt a Caucasian child but would foster any child. It is easy. I live in Tennessee and yesterday CPS went to my childrens school and recorded them as well as taking pictures.

I was dumbfounded because I have never sone anything and because we moved from Louisiana to Tennessee and I did not have the kids in school in Louisiana CPS was calles there and it transferred here to tennessee. I was in a domestic violence situation in louisiana so I was trying to make a new start. Fat chance. She said ahw has to sew the house and evwrything next week.

Oh, Kelly! They may be able to help you. I am also from TN. I did Need to talk tonight cps case of toniyht work to get my daughter back, however the temp family decided they deserved to keep. They thought I Need to talk tonight cps case give up. When I brought her home, they waited a few Need to talk tonight cps case and tonlght started calling dcs and of course they came out multiple times. I showed them text messages that the acse sent saying they wanted revenge and they came 3 times in 3 months time.

As a result, my family and I moved to the next state. I refuse to keep getting Need to talk tonight cps case for my past mistakes. Is there any punishment for a family that uses dcs as a scare tactic? And is there punishment for Need to talk tonight cps case a false report? I was considering suing for slander or defamation bc it prevented me from getting the job I desperately needed.

And they claimed her on their taxes even though I got her back a whole year prior and they even signed her up under their insurance without my permission. Because I had insurance for. It was a huge mess. Ashley, That does sound like a huge mess. You should reach out to an attorney to find out if you have legal recourse. Neef luck! I refused medical transport from an urgent care, for my infant who was breathing fast but otherwise had no symptoms cls illness.

My previous son had a similar situation and was found to be fine. For peace of mind I went to the urgent care to have his lungs listened to, temperature and pulse ox used. They had the wrong size, toinght he still had decent scores.